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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a quality control strategy aimed at reducing or eliminating defects or deficiencies in products and business services. While Lean Six Sigma techniques and methods were introduced to improve manufacturing processes, they are now considered industry-agnostic, which means they have been successfully implemented in industries such as aerospace, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, retail, and others.

Organizations that have implemented Lean Six Sigma systems should expect improved customer service, quicker response times, increased regulatory compliance, and standardization of industry readiness. The rigors of Lean Six Sigma, on the other hand, help to simplify procedures, but it can take months or years for all relevant personnel to be on board, slowly and actively testing the systems to realize those benefits and merits.

LSS Ohio-Franklin County OH

Lean Six Sigma Experts in Franklin County, Ohio Certification

Any certification body has Lean Six Sigma Certification levels that are similar (but not identical), but the following are shared by all programs:

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belts: They are representatives of the project team that are aiding with the development of the project.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belts: Workers who periodically assist with data analysis, project improvement, and can lead initiatives on a part-time basis.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belts: They work out tasks (usually full-time) and frequently teach, guide, and/or supervise team members.
  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts: They build strategies and project measurements, act as a company’s go-to Sigma expert, and guide and teach Lean Six Sigma Green and Lean Six Sigma Black Belts.

Lean Six Sigma, unlike other certifications, does not form a certification ladder. That is, a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification is not required to obtain a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is not required to obtain a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, and so on.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

If you want to expand your business experience or launch a new career as a quality professional, this is the place to be. Lean Six Sigma is a data-driven methodology for eliminating defects and improving operations in all industries. No matter where you are in your career, earning your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification will help you stay ahead of the competition. This Lean Six Sigma Certification course will teach you process control from start to finish and will prepare you for the American Society for Quality’s (ASQ) Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belts in Lean Six Sigma are employees who devote most of their time and energy to process control teams. They assess and resolve quality issues, as well as participate in quality control schemes. Individuals who want to achieve meaningful results and long-term benefits in productivity, cost savings, demand improvement, and customer satisfaction should enroll in rigorous Lean Six Sigma Certification.

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We teach the basics of the ASQ Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Expertise, as well as how to apply key process management methods and concepts in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, service, and non-profit organizations, at Lean Six Sigma Experts in Franklin County, Ohio. It helps you put the system to the test by including quizzes, immersive games, engaging sports, and case studies. This one-of-a-kind course shows students how to evaluate quality problems and participate in real-world continuous improvement projects. It is one of the most successful online courses for studying for the Lean Six Sigma Certification exam. The course fee includes the Accepted Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification examination.

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