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Lean Six Sigma Experts in Columbus, Ohio binds business ideas to a significant return on investment, whether through individual advisory roles or employee preparation for project-based returns. Case studies are shown to show the outstanding efficiency that our Lean Six Sigma systems can produce. Our goal with every customer is to find at least a 20% to 30% change. We standardize and automate procedures to maximize benefit. Finally, we look for opportunities for automation to optimize top-line returns. We also specialize in assisting companies with downsizing; we improve productivity by improving processes and capability assessments, which generate the opportunity for growth and profitability through cost reduction.

LSS Ohio-Columbus-OH

What Precisely Is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean focuses on improving process control and process diversity, while Six Sigma focuses on reducing duplication (non-value-added tasks and procedures) and encouraging task standardization and process movement. Since process control incorporates elements of all approaches to produce practical outcomes, the distinction between Six Sigma and Lean has blurred, with the term “Lean Six Sigma” being more familiar.

Lean Six Sigma is an evidence-based improvement theory that prioritizes defect avoidance over defect detection. It boosts customer satisfaction and bottom-line efficiency by lowering variation, failure, and cycle time while promoting work standardization and movement, resulting in a competitive edge. It is applicable everywhere there is a chance of process variance and waste, and any employee should be concerned.

Black Belt In Lean Six Sigma

At Lean Six Sigma Experts in Columbus, Ohio, the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification course is the benchmark of the Lean Six Sigma sequence. Students who complete the Black Belt program earn a widely sought-after certification, giving them an edge in the job market. They frequently develop a broad base of problem-solving knowledge that is applicable across industries.

The course includes Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and strategies. It provides specialized instruction in LSS tools and hypotheses. It also provides practical guidelines for how to improve job processes by identifying and reducing the number of mistakes in operations, as well as understanding, reducing, and/or avoiding waste.

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is designed to prepare candidates for a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt job in an organization, ideally as a change agent to improve customer satisfaction and company performance. These masters develop into better problem solvers and leaders.

LSS Ohio- Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students

Curriculum for Lean Six Sigma for High School Students

Is there a school system that requires students to graduate with credentials recognized by the industry? Are you keeping up with the current times by ensuring that students who do not want to enter college have nationally recognized portable capabilities? Both districts in Columbus, Ohio, use these certificates to satisfy graduation standards, culminating in the 12 points needed by the Ohio Department of Education Graduation Specifications.

Your district will advance through three stages to achieve Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and LeanĀ  Six Sigma Green Belt Certification with the help of our Lean Six Sigma training program. Lean Six Sigma is a team-based systemic problem-solving technique. It recognizes systematic problems that must be addressed and eradicated. It is used by over a million organizations worldwide.

Being a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt shows the ability to work in a team environment, perform an organized process, correctly evaluate an issue, analyze the facts surrounding the problem, measure the results, identify the true root cause, propose and test possible solutions, implement specific methods, and put in motion a process to maintain the solution after you enter the workforce. Many of these people have highly marketable skills.

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